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Call Hutchings Pianos as your first port of call!

Address: No 5 Edgecliff Rd, Woollahra. Phone number: 9387 1376

Hutchings Pianos have instruments for all ages and they have digital beginner pianos for very young children. Please ask them about their selection.

  • For beginners a good piano will in fact accelerate progress and make playing more enjoyable.
  • A grand piano is not necessarily a better piano. A good quality upright will always sound better than a base model grand piano.
  • Electronic models are no longer the poor relation when it comes to pianos. They are sophisticated instruments with the weighted touch like a piano, the sound of a piano, and the benefits of being able to play at all hours, either with the sound turned low or through headphones. Many models can also download music. This makes today’s advanced models ideal for apartments. Some look simply stunning, with a range of styles ranging from ‘Bang & Olufsen’ to Baroque, slimline to Swedish.
  • Sometimes renting is the answer. If you or your child is a beginner, it may be better to rent for a time so you can judge your progress. Learning is about progress and having fun. The right instrument enhances the experience, while a poor one offers no encouragement.
  • If purchasing a piano - look ahead to what your needs may be in a few years. A fine piano is an investment that not only lasts a lifetime but delivers a lifetime of pleasure. Many Steinway owners have enjoyed their instrument over decades. Many Yamaha or Kawai owners now regard the price they originally paid for their new instrument as a bargain.

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Our preferred suppliers of pianos and digital pianos. Make sure you mention ESPT!

Call on (02) 9387 1376 or visit their store at 5-7 Edgecliff Road, Bondi Junction.

Need a Piano Tuner?

We recommend Andi Hannah on 0408 979 819